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was going to high school, and he played on a baseball team on Sundays at Park Circle. He was terrific.


Where is Park Circle?


Park Circle is on the outskirts of Prospect Park. There were baseball diamonds there. I'm sure it exists there. It's on the Flatbush Avenue side. We would go on Sunday to watch him play. We were his supporters. We would cheer him and he would talk to us, and it was a great event. I'm trying to think of where we went outside of the circle. It was not until I was in high school that I can remember going into New York City, and I remember going into New York City for a specific reason. I became interested, I don't know why, we had a radio. We were one of the few people with a radio. I remember KDKA. This would be in the Twenties, the early period. We had a radio with a speaker shaped like a cone, and the kids would come up to listen to Graham McNamee describe the World Series. I just thought of a great story. The kids -- the kids, that's us -- would have a club. We had a team, the Crimsons, and we had a club that met in the Y, and we had what you would call faculty advisors, someone from the Y who was assigned to meet with us.


How old were you at this point?


I would have to be -- this may be early high school. No, no, because my brothers are in high school at the time. They're on the debating team in high school, so I'd be in public school.


So you were twelve, thirteen?


Yes. We went to the Y once a week and we would meet there and discuss what we should meet and talk about. So we should talk about baseball. And then I remember suggesting that we should have a debate, because I used to follow my brothers and watch them debate capital punishment and League of Nations and World Court. Those were the typical discussions. As a matter of fact, they debated their arch-rival, Boys’ High, and the key debater at Boys' High was what's-his-name from the ILG, Gus Tyler. Gus and I would talk from time to time. “How are your brothers?”

“You remember?”

“Of course I remember.”

I remember I met him in Fresh Meadows Theater, we were seeing “Reds” and there he was. He lives in Great Neck.

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