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Session #23
Interviewee: Moe Foner
Interviewer: Dan North
Date: March 7, 2001


Dan North interviewing Moe Foner. This is March 7th.

Leon Davis died in 1992, and you played a role in arranging the memorial service for him in Lincoln Center and some events that happened just prior to his death. Do you want to talk about that?


Yes. Leon Davis, in 1992, suffered his second heart attack. This really had a very, very -- his health deteriorated very quickly. He was weak. He couldn't walk. He couldn't do anything. Being the kind of person he is, he was very difficult. I decided that I wanted, as a farewell gift to him, to arrange a meeting at his home to which I would invite Martin Cherkasky and Dennis Rivera and it would be a surprise. So I made the arrangements. Martin, who was retired but at that time was representing city hospitals for the mayor, [Ed] Koch, came. He had a chauffeur and --


Can I just backtrack for a minute?



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