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Moe FonerMoe Foner
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Session #2
Interviewee: Moe Foner
Interviewer: Robert Master
Place: Flushing, New York
Date: October 25, 1984


We are going to pick up where we left off, and also Moe has some things to add based on a conversation he had recently with his brother. So do you want to start with that?


In high school, this is Jack and Phil's experience, they had little social consciousness. Their peers, their friends were not involved in social issues. Late in high school he remembers reading, they read the Beards' [Charles and Mary] Rise of American Civilization, and that had a very great effect on them. In college, they were at City College, they were not active or involved; they were onlookers of what happened, largely for two things. Number one, they were working after school, post office and that kind of thing, and also they had to travel from Brooklyn up to City College, and now I remember they graduated in three years. They had no contact with any kind of organizations as college students, although I remember that they read the Nation and New Republic and The New Statesman. That's how that came into my life, through that.


Let me stop you for just a second, only because in reviewing the tape, I was struck by the fact that you mentioned the Nation a couple

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