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Africa, became famous later on, quoted in Business Week, “I'm not about to turn over a million-dollar complex to people who never had a grade-school education.” Quoted in Business Week. That was beautiful. Anyway, to show his good faith to the workers, he gave them an extra holiday, Robert E. Lee's birthday. Wonderful! Wonderful! They also did cartoons, that they did anonymously, about the union, with the big fat cigars and black people on their knees and that kind of thing, and the workers were angry that time, because they knew who the people were. All these things were popping up in the press.

Finally, I was calling around like crazy, trying to find a connection. I get the Times magazine involved. I remember calling people on the Times magazine that day, and I was calling everybody. Everybody I knew and didn't know. Jimmy Wechsler was telling me, “Call this guy and call that guy,” and I was trying to get people interested in it. Little things began to percolate and finally, they agreed, the SCLC will come in. From that point, I'll stop.




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