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In any event, as we get to 59th Street and approaching Bloomingdale's, there are drowds, you know, hundreds of people on the street, there are three guys, young guys with megaphones, and as they see us, and they knew we were coming, or maybe they didn't and they just recognized us, suddenly the megaphones are shouting: “Here they come, the two war criminals,” referring to Morgenthau and me. “War criminals, yes sir, here they come -- war criminals.” It was incredible. Me it doesn't bother. Morgenthau if he could, he would have diverted over to 7th Avenue with one large jump as we're walking down Lexington.

So in any event, as we get right under the Bloomingdale canopy overhang, one of these guys sticks the megaphone right next to my ear and he yells, “War criminal! War criminal!” And I say to him, “Fuck off.” And he really is very upset and very shocked at this. So he says to me, “Can I repeat that?” and I say, “Sure.” And he yells into his megaphone, “Congressman Koch just told me to fuck off.” And hundreds of people started to applaud. (laughs) It was unbelievable. Okay. That ended them on that incident.

Now, they have been calling me in the last ten days on Angola and Rockefeller and Kissinger. I mean they have no credibility. All these people that they mention obviously have a great number of faults and are to be criticized and I do a lot of criticizing. But the charges that they make -- that Rockefeller and Kissinger are responsible and initiated the explosion at LaGuardia airport, that's part of their plot they say to kill people and get us involved in other things -- they just have no credibility.

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