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Interview # 12
Interviewee: Congressman Edward I. Koch
Interviewer: Ed Edwin
New York City
Jan. 5, 1976


You wish to discuss Congresswoman Bella Abzug this morning.


Well, I'm going to discuss Congresswoman Abzug and tell some anecdotes in which either I was personally involved with her or that I've heard about her and believe to be true. And also I'd like to expand upon my own political- philosophical approach to the way things ought to be done in our country and comment on the things that I think are good and I guess we'll get to the things that are bad as well.

Before I talk about Mrs. Abzug, I want to also comment on the way people respond to questions in politics and how we have accepted certain restraints that I don't accept, and I'm talking about people who run for office, whether it's for the City Council or Congress or any office. We have imposed limits on what we can ask them about their political alliances and their affiliations and their philosophy. And that's one of the first areas I would like to get into before I take up the question of Mrs. Abzug.

Now, I ought to say first that I view myself as a middle class liberal, and it's become unfashionable to think of yourself that way, but it's never been unfashionable for me. I really

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