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that commission is David Brown, who is someone who was my administrative assistant and counsel and went to Washington with me when I won but he's very involved in my campaign -- a very able fellow. And Ruskin just the other day -- I was at a party for the Park East newspaper -- said to me, “David Brown is really a great fellow.” And I said, “I think he is a genius.” And I helped him get his position with the Carey administration. Carey did it in part for me, although he would not have done it if he didn't know David whom he had come to respect because he met David in Washington when Carey was a member of Congress and Carey and I and David Brown and Carey's administrative assistant were working on revenue sharing. We were the ones who developed the revenue sharing legislation that ultimately became bigger than Carey and myself, but we were the ones who developed in with Rockefeller's office. It was really quite interesting.

Anyway in the course of the campaign, Seymour had two situations confronting him. The first one; he's interviewed by the Daily News reporter, who wanted to do a profile on the two of us. And the reporter calls me up and says, “I've just been to see Senator Seymour, and I'd like to come over and talk to you. I said, Fine.” He comes over and talks to me and be says, “You know, I've been to his office”-- a very posh law office. All the clerks the interns, walk around in blue blazers. Nutty. But that's a Wall Street operation. And here's my little law office -- two partners and myself, the three of us -- and

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