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telling everybody he had passed 125 bills -- probably did. Every bill that the city administration wanted passed they gave to him; they bear his name. And as he said at the same time: “What did Koch do in that same period of time? He passed one and a half bills.” I don't know what that meant, and one of them was a change in street name. (laughs) Which happened to be true. I was the one who, at the request of the LaGuardia Society, got West Proadway running from Washington Square South down to Houston changed so that it's now called LaGuardia Place. That was my one big hill. But that's the nature of the city council; the city council doesn't pass legislation -- and if it does, whatever it does: it's never passed in the name of individual members of the council. To this very day it's an ineffective body. No member of the city council can run on the fact that he or she has done something brilliant by way of legislation in the city council. That's by way of background. So I know he's going to do that in his literature, and therefore I want somehow or other to “up the stakes,” so to speak, and (2) to get a certain amount of protection for me vis-a-vis his literature. I didn't know that he would ultimately agree to what I said, but at least I would hold him up to contempt for not.

Well, his campaign chairman called my campaign chairman to work out the mechanics: and my campaign chairman at my

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