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psychologically uplifting, to have an unmanned space ship land on the moon as opposed to two men landing on the moon. And there were other things that I did there. In fact, if I'd stayed on that committee, I would today be a sub-committee chairman, but I still don't regret leaving it.

Well, I was on there for one term, and then in my second term I moved over to Banking and Currency. Banking and Currency has jurisdiction not only over banks and insurance companies, which are important, but also over housing and at that time over mass transit -- and that was my major interest. So I got on the committee. It's Wright Patman’ committee. And unfortunately the sub-committe, which was then known as the Housing Sub-Committee under Bill Barrett from Philadelphia -- that sub-committee did about 60% of all of the business of the full Banking and Currency Committee. And you really couldn't get on there. It had a total membership of 15, including both Democrats and Republicsns, and I was at the bottom of the seniority list on that full committee and therefore had no chance of getting on. And that sub-committee did not only housing, but it also did mass transit. And so my input into the mass transit in that first two years on that committee was limited to lobbying with the sub-committee members for my legislation and having some input in the full committee, because the full committee (because Wright Patman didn't like Bill Barrett and therefore

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