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words to that effect -- the place, which had been up until that moment so quiet and so -- how can I put it? all the speeches were rather tedious, with the exception of Jim Wright, who spoke for Patman because they both come from Texas when they tried to get rid of Patman and ultimately succeeded. The place just -- pandemonium. And the Speaker came over to me after I finished my speech and he said, “If he wins, you did it.” It was a marvelous compliment. And he won. And I did it. And Hays came over to me ultimately ... they stood in line to shake my hand. They stood in line, everybody. People like Bolling from Missouri, who had spoken against Hays and wanted him deposed, came over to me and he said to me, “If I ever need a lawyer, I'll hire you.”



This is a continuation of the interview with Congressman Koch on January 14, 1976.

I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit more about your role as secretary of the New York delegation. I believe you mean New York City delegation.




Is it the New York State delegation you're secretary of?

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