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substantial vote -- I would say roughly two-thirds or better -- then the chairman is authorized to sign a letter on behalf of the entire New York delegation signed by Delaney as chairman and Frank Horton as vice-chairman. And then I don't have to run around and get all these other names and have to have them decide which “t's” to cross and “i's” to dot, because Delaney and Horton very rarely question any of the things that I prepare based on what the delegation's position is. And the fact is they've never found anything that I've prepared for the delegation to be something that they wouldn't sign. I'm very proud of that.


You've gone through all these various activities from the streets to the Congressional committees to the caucus and the rest. To put it in a personal frame, what is the price on your personal life of these public activities? And not (?) for yourself of course, but perhaps you can broaden that to the extent that you think this is universal for any person that goes into public life as you have.


Sure. And then we'll stop at this point after I answer that question, because I have a delegation from the Jewish Defense League. They're either outside or they will be, because they are meeting at 10:30 here at the office -- came to see me.

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