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Interview # 3
Interviewee: Congressman Edward I. Koch
Interviewer: Ed Edwin
New York City
December 20, 1975


Before we get going back into history, Ed: what's happened to you this week?


Well, about two weeks ago I had sent a letter to the Villager, and what I wanted to do was compliment them for having improved the paper considerably as a result of the new ownership. The fact is that one of the important people on that paper is Miriam Bockman, who's a very good friend of mine. So I dictated the letter, signed it, sent it; and when it didn't appear in the Villager about a week ago, I happened to have lunch with Miriam and I asked her why didn't the letter appear. She said, “Well, we didn't get it yet. Maybe. Maybe it's too late for that particular issue, but it will appear I'm sure.” And on Wednesday of this week I was in touch with the New York office from Washington, and Ruth Altman, a member of my staff, says, “Your letter appeared in the Voice.” And I said, “I didn't send any letter to the Voice.” And she said, “Well, let me read it to you.” And that was the letter, which was a very short letter, but I must tell you: I've never been so embarrassed in my life.

It reads as follows: “Dear Editor: The format of the Village Voice, and even more important, the quality of the articles

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