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I doubt it. I mean he's certainly not a breakaway Catholic in the sense of denouncing the Church or anything, but I doubt if he's a practicing Catholic. I don't really know. I never asked him.


Since you brought it up, why are you for parochial aid now?


I was against parochial aid for a long time and then I decided after looking at the issue: what is the sense of this thing? Why shouldn't people who want to send their kids -- basically middle class people or lower middle class -- to parochial schools be able to get assistance when we get assistance or would give assistance to private schools and the private schools are the schools for the rich? I don't see any problem in terms of a Constititutional one -- not getting into the legal aspect of church against state -- because I don't happen to think that the use of parochial schools by people destroys this country. I think it adds to it -- the diversity of schooling. I happen to think the public schools have become lousy. I think what we're doing is simply compelling the middle class and lower middle class particularly and the Catholics and the Orthodox Jews to keep their kids in public schools so as to keep the whites from leaving. But the richies -- as I like to refer to them - they take their kids out and they complain about the poor whites. I'm very sympathetic to the whites in Boston. If you want to, we can talk about the whole issue of education and racial balance. I've come

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