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But now you've gone into this discussion of you can't govern by committee. Was this tendency to debate so extensively and intensely within the reform clubs, and specifically the VID: is this one of the things that led you to this change?


Well, that's part of it. The other is I have great confidence in my own ability. I have made mistakes -- there's no question about it -- but when I contemplate... What is a district leader? He's not elected by the club. He's elected by the Democrats. 19,000 Democrats may have been my constituency when I first ran -- I just don't remember the number, but it's something like that -- maybe a little more, and 9000 vote in that first '63 election. So who do I take my instructions from? Do I take them from club members, 110 of them who may have all voted, or do I take them from the Democrats who elected me as I perceive what their positions are, or do I do what I do now as a member of Congress? I have the same kind of philosophy as a member of Congress today that I developed ultimately as a district leader, which is this, and I'll give it to you in a very brief way: I believe that people elected me not to be a lever to establish a referendum, that I take a poll in some form and whatever the poll shows, that's how I vote -- not at all. I believe that people elected me because they have decided that I have good judgment, and they want me, or at least they want me more than whoever ran against me; and that they want that judgment expressed.

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