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have their office in a trailor truck operation, and they've been living there with blacks for the months of summer, these white kids; and they had the prior day or two gone down to Kress's to integrate it, and they had been arrested -- blacks and whites demanding service together at Kress's soda fountain in Laural, very nice kids. And they had been charged with assault and other things, and I was going to represent them.

So we go into the courthouse, and I'm waiting for the case to begin, and I look outside the court, and I see a white Mississippi farmer go over to one of these kids and hit him. I was shooked. I didn't know what to do. This is a foreign milieu to me. And I go over to the sheriff and I say, “That man hit him. Do something.” And they look at me as though I am crazy.

These kids are arraigned -- I don't remember the technical procedure -- and the trial is set for the next day. We file counter charges. Their charge ... It may be that they had actually called me there to help them in their complaints against these people who had beaten them up, and the other people that very same day counter-claimed assault against them. Anyway, there is a confrontation: these white and black kids against the locals in cross complaints of assault.

The technicalities are taken care of, and we were also told that I should pick up some transcripts from earlier trials in the county clerk's office, which was across the way from City Hall in which we were then located where the court was. So

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