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color were the people that were beaten?” I said, “They were white.” he said, “Can't use it.”

Now, you have to understand what he was talking about. The only thing that would be dramatic so far as he was concerned was if blacks were beaten up, not if whites were beaten up.

Now I'll take you ten years ahead, and then maybe we'll stop after I tell you this little story. It involves Joe Rauh. I must say I was crestfallen at the time. I thought, “My God, this is a big story.” “Can't use it,” he said. Like it was unimportant, because whites had been beaten up by whites not blacks beaten up by whites. Ten years later approximately I'm on the Banking and Currency Committee, and they have jurisdiction over the Small Business Administration, and I ascertain during the course of hearings that the Small Business Administration has a program which is divided into three parts called “01, 02, 03.” 01 is if you live in a geographical area that's designated as poor. 02 is if you are one of a certain number of enumerated minorities. Those minorities, as I recall, are black, Spanish surname, Oriental, Eskimo, Alut and American Indian -- of them. And the third was “others.”

Now, if you fell into 02 the vast amount of money that was available under this Small Business Administration program you would be eligible for, but not if you were in 01 or 03. You had to be one of those six minorities. And Hassid Jews came to me and said, “You know, if we're not a minority, then nobody's a

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