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Well, I think that there's been a change in the district, something similar to the change that's taken place in the country -- probably less shying away, but there's been some withdrawal, myself included. I mean I am not interested in taking shit from anybody. I am not a masochist. And I will not tolerate being attacked if I think the attack is unfair, and I believe that the blacks -- and I'm obviously not talking about all; I'm not even talking about majorities; I'm simply talking about the militant leadership that finds its way into the press... There's an enormous amount of anti-Semitism, an enormous amount of anti-Israel feelings. I went to the Kansas City convention last year in November of ‘74, and just by chance -- I was not scheduled to go to that particular panel; I had selected some other panels relating to home health care; I wanted to discuss my then novel proposal to provide home health care -- I had an opportunity to go to the foreign policy panel. It was filled with blacks, all of whom for the most part stood up and attacked Israel and pro-PLO. Oh, it was vile, absolutely vile. There were a number of blacks on the panel and a number of whites, and the guy that really shocked me was Sol Linowitz. I got up and said, “I want everybody here to know that I am not for providing food to our enemies.” Here they were talking about providing free food all across the world. I said, “I think food is a legitimate instrument of foreign policy when you're giving it away. We don't have enough

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