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getting up, “Mr. Rockefeller, do you believe with those who have made the statement that Israel's military superiority in the area must be maintained?” he said, “Who said that?” I said, “Your brother.”


You're talking about Nelson.


Yes. Okay. Subsequent to that the Chase Manhattan went out of its way to sort of retract on that and published big ads. There was a funny ad. There was the name of a factor -- that's a small institution that lends money under very special circum- stances -- that I think was called Schachter. They took a full page ad saying, “Schachter Brothers, associated with Chase Manhattan, welcomes you.” It was a terrible attempt to try to indicate to the Jewish community how pro-Jewish Rockefeller and the Chase Manhattan was, with that kind of a blatant ad. And then they went out of their way to kind of retreat from their statement.

A year later I am invited to attend a cocktail party at the Museum of Modern Art, and the Rockefellers own that museum, to view the Gertrude Stein painting collection, no longer owned by her, of course, or her estate. And I go. I come in from Washington and go right from the airport to the Museum of Modern Art -- it's in my district -- and as I go upstairs to their private nice rooms upstairs (there are oh, maybe 300 people there), David Rockefeller sees me. And it's like one enchanted evening. He's across the room and he runs across the

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