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they dismissed the charges, withdrew them.” Actually- it was technical; in contemplation of dismissal, they adjourn it. If you're a good guy for six months, then they drop the charge. That's what they did with him. And he said, “You know, your letter was there. The assistant d.a. had it and the judge had it and they were waving this letter around, and that did it.”

Now, Arturo thanked me later. It was very moving in a way. He said, “I want you to know, if you run for mayor again [which I probably will do in '77], I want to help you. I really want to help you. But I also have to tell you that publicly I have to be for Badillo, but I'm going to be for you, and I'm going to help.”

I said, “I understand that.” I mean he has his cross to bear, which is Herman. He can't get away from it. That's ethnic politics. But I believe him when he says he will help me. I believe him. He's a very good guy.

Now, what else do I know about Puerto Ricans? Very little.


Well, let me flash back here. When you were talking about your relationship here, you were talking about the Puerto-Ricans in your Congressional district. Were there Puerto-Ricans in your councilmanic district?



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