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the Quaker's. The other was in an Episcopalian school -- that's very big with Jewish parents. I said, “You should be ashamed of yourselves to tell me that we shouldn't permit public funds to the poor -- the Irish poor, the Catholic poor -- to send their kids to these parochial schools, some modest assistance. I'm not saying that it shouldn't cost them. You have your own money. You can do it you selves. Why don't you send your kids to public school if you're going to take this position?” One woman said, “Congressman, I'm ashamed,” which I thought was nice. If I can get that kind of reaction occasionally, it makes it all worthwhile.


To go back to the blacks in the Village, is it true that there are more blacks in the Village now...?



Are there more blacks in the Village now than there were a few years ago. And if this is your impression, would it be because they've moved more welfare families into some of the apartment houses particularly in the West Village?


My impression is that there are not substantial numbers who live in the community now that weren't before. Indeed, around the park it's probably less because the welfare hotels that did have the blacks in them don't have them to the same

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