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out in January, and the Budget would be settled early in December, as you know.


But it was the sort of thing that would appeal to her.


Well, it had never appealed to her before; nobody had ever tried before, but I'll tell you what got done.

In any case, the end result was that Mrs. Truman did take the matter of additional funds for the Institutes of Health up with the President. The President took it up with our friend, his administratige assistant, David Stowe, who should have been handling the matter in the first place. Stowe reported to the Bureau of the Budget that they must add 10 million dollars to the Institutes' budget for '54. Once this addition to the regular budget of the Institutes of Healthfor research and training was accomplished, I thought we should go back to the President to ask for more funds for the construction of research facilities, which at this time was just part of the Institutes' budget, a line item, and not based on a bill which came later.

The construction and research facilities had lagged on account of the war effort and so very few research laboratories had been built in 15 years, and the restriction of the use of steel for civilian buildings had prevented it. Anna Rosenberg, as Assistant Secretary for Defense, knew that there was no present shortage of materials for added construction and in the midst of the '52 campaign between two long whistle stops, which

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