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I suggested that we still needed additional funds for research, but that I felt that the main concentration for funds should be on research construction, as it seemed to him propitious. Imagine my surprise, after the subcommittee meeting of the Senate was over, when he told me that he had great great difficulty, that he had not been able to get additional funds for the construction of research facilities. He told me that Senator Russell had objected and said, “The trouble with giving funds for construction of research facilities not on a matching basis is that the Ivy League will get all the money.” This actually was not true, as Georgia had received adequate support from the cancer and heart construction funds that had been given by Congress before: they were small, I admit, but Senator Russell did not seem to know this.

Bridges felt that perhaps the objections could be overcome in the full appropriations committee and suggested that I get Robertson and Hill, Magnusson and Kilgore and Chavez lined up to stand up for 15 million for construction funds on a matching basis written into the Appropriations Bill.

This was about the 16th of June of '54, and Florence and I went to work on it the next day. Unfortunately, Robertson, although he had promised us help, was not present at the full Appropriations Committee. He had given his proxy to Bridges. Magnusson was in New York. Chavez was somewhat whoozy that morning and I have serious doubts about whether he remembered

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