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reduction of about 32 percent in the death rate since '55 to '61. This gave me great pleasure because early in the '50s I had three friends who had malignant hypertension and who appealed to me to see that something should be done in this field, and one of them said to me, “Mary, you know, I haven't long to wait.” This was Mrs. Arthur Schwartz, and she indeed die a young woman within a few months. I wasn't able to get the drugs evaluated in time.


Were the other two helped?


No, one was Mrs. Oscar Ewing and she died, and one was helped. Robert Rubin was helped but it was late for him and he died later.

The evaluation of the quieting effect of Serpasil started doctors in state mental hospitals, actually started Nate Klein using it on mental patients, and in February, '54, Klein reported on the use of this drug. This was at Rockland State Hospital in New York State. This and Thorazine started an immediate increase in the discharge of patients from state mental hospitals wherever they were used, which has continued and the overcrowding in New York State, for example, is only 10 percent instead of 25 percent overcrowded--this is 1962--which still isn't good enough.

In the field of cancer many new compounds were being

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