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Not that I know of.

Well, to go back to the 1st of January, ‘56, the efforts that Florence and I had made from 1944 on to get hearings for the needs for medical research and then the establishment of four new Institutes of Health--Heart, Mental Health, Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases, and Neurological Diseases and Blindness-- which we had been the main outside promoters of and had seen the legislation through the Congress, and our fight to get funds for research for all the Institutes had brought the funds for them from 2 million in ‘44, when pepper held the first hearings at our suggestion, to 97 million for fiscal ‘56.

Now, with the sympathy of Folsom and the interest of Senator Smith--

Oh, excuse me, she did send a bill, which was a five-year plan for construction of research facilities, medical school facilities and a statement of the need of additional 100 million for research by the Institutes, to all Senators asking for co-sponsors, with a fine letter. However, there were no hearings held on the bill.


Did she get a co-sponsor?


I can't remember.

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