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was used on about half a million patients, but it was found in some cases to be toxic and did some liver damage. But by this time, a large number of pharmaceutical manufacturers found other ways to make less toxic products of a similar structure and other structures which were anti-depressant and also could be called psychic energizers, keep people awake and bring them out of a kind of apathy that many depressed people are in.

So, this repaid us, these developments, but I still pray for the same kind of change to take place in cancer and arteriosclerosis, which represent two out of every three deaths per year. In the year ‘59, for instance, there were one million 659 thousand deaths and of these deaths, a million 174 thousand were caused by cardiovascular diseases or cancer.

Now, it is true, as of 1963, that there are the beginnings of triumphs in these areas. Do you think I should describe these now? Or what looks like the beginnings of some breakthroughs. What do you think?


I should think so.


All right. In cancer, as of now, there are drugs which used with small amounts of X-rays in two cases have caused five-year and in some cases six-year cures in three types of cancer that have been universally fatal in relatively short periods of time. They are choriocarcinoma, which can be treated with

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