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cause. I knew there were many other more easy and more popular causes to become associated with, but it seemed to me that this one was more fundamental than any others, especially if one could make sufficient progress to bring aid to people all over the world so that children would be born by choice and not by chance. In the long run, it would diminish the possibilities of wars between peoples. There seemed to be deep psychological reasons for resentment among children who were born unwanted or were born bastards, as, for instance, Hitler, and these feelings often provide resentment and anger that help to get war started.

Working with the Planned Parenthood Federation at this time was my first experience with working intensively with a voluntary health organization. It was extremely frustrating and difficult. Not only was the cause difficult to talk to people about for the most part, but the people interested in it were not used to organization or to thinking on any large scale about fund raising or of action of any kind. They were really very well-motivated people but without many skills for action.


What were they largely, social workers?


Well, some of them were social workers and some of them were rich women who weren't used to getting anything big done and whose husbands were used to action but their husbands didnot help them with this.

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