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work, but he still is one of greatest analysts alive and is just like a great surgeon in cutting through problems and revealing what he thinks the basis of people's neurotic drives are to themselves.


And he's now confined to the West Coast?


Yes, he's there entirely.

Well, in connection with the beginning of our efforts to establish the Mental House Institute, around 1942 or '43 Blanch Ittelson, Mrs. Henry Ittleson, asked me to be a member of the National Committee for Mental Hygiene, which was then the only so-called national voluntary agency in the mental illness field. There was a group of psychiatrists and laymen who were very decent and well intentioned but did not have the knowledge nor skill for fund raising or propaganda that was needed to make an important voluntary agency out of it.


Where was it centered?


In New York.

I tried in various ways to improve its situation but was unsuccessful. The only important thing that got accomplished was the National Mental Health Institute Bill and that finally went through the Senate because Florence and I had influence with Senator Pepper and I had paid for a lobbyist to watch the

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