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What was his interest? Why was he interested?


He had a son who was a psychiatrist.


And you say through “our help” it got through the Senate. Is that you and Mrs. Mahoney?


Yes, Florence and I. We were friends with Pepper, who was chairman of the Subcommittee that reported on the bill and who was on the full Commitee and urged the full Committee to report the bill, and then the bill got on the consent calendar of the Senate.

Well, the bill contained an appropriation of 17 million dollars for training and research and we thought--Florence and I were so naive at the time--that if the bill contained a specific amount of money that was tantamount to getting the money. We didn't realize that you had to go back to the Appropriations Committee and start all over again, as if it had not gone through the Congress to begin with, and that you had to start entirely with new subcommittees on appropriations in the House and Start and then the full appropriations committees and then get it through on the appropriations bills that were going through or get it into a supplemental bill.

So, in this year, in '46, we didn't even know enough to ask for the money, and Pepper was busy with a lot of other things and he didn't, so there was no money for one year. I finally hired a lobbyist to try to work on this, but we finally had to

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