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numerous other papers have appeared, all confirming Klein's work, and in February of '55 a large conference was held, sponsored by the New York Academy of Science to which doctors from all over the United States, mainly connected with state institutions, reported on various aspects of the usefulness of Serpasil in mental conditions. Now, it's true that Serpasil is not the most important drug and approximately at the same time it's been shown by Dr. Heinz Lehman, in Canada, that Thorazine was extremely useful in the treatment of schizophrenia. Now, Thorazine was first found in France by some researchers at the pharmaceutical firm of Rohm-Pulano and tested there. But on the American continent Heinz Lehman made Thorazine known and it's been shown by numerous investigators to be of great help in manic states or to schizophrenics and even to some who have been in hospitals for very long periods of time, like 20 years. If they're treated over a long period of time, as even some people who have been in for such advanced length of time, are helped, a small percentage at least. The people who have been in for less than five years get the most help from it. Thorazine is also useful in bringing people out of alcoholic delertum tremens and making people who have been narcotic addicts able to bridge the withdrawal symptoms without too much difficulty.


Has there been much use of it in that area?


Well, I can't tell you exactly how much it's bein used, but it does work.

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