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was for a very short time, maybe three months, and that was really a gallery that sold old masters but also china and glass and small things, and I was only supposed to sell small things, which I did. It gave me some experience in selling. And the main thing was to have a job in New York and it didn't matter what, and you'd eventually get something else, and I did.


Where did you live?


I lived in the Allerton House, on 57th Street. It was full of young girls with jobs in New York, all very lively. And through a letter that I had from Paul Sachs to the head of Knoedler's, I got an introduction to a man who was a partner in the Reinhart Galleries, and this man wanted someone to run exhibitions for him, and I impressed him as being able properly to do this, and he introduced me to Paul Reinhardt. So this was really--Paul Sachs was really very influential in my life, because I married Paul Reinhardt about two years later.

And at the Reinhardt Galleries I did arrange an exhibition, the first Chagall show. You couldn't sell any Chagall of any kind at any price. Large paintings were $600 and a water-color was at a small price, a $100. He was unknown and totally , crazy and uninteresting, and not one single thing was sold.

However, we arranged a Zuloaga show in 1925 at my urging, because I thought he was a very picturesque painter, and he brought a huge collection of pictures. They were very

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