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and finally persuaded Consolidated Edison to put smoke-consumers on their smokestacks to reduce the smoke and dirt in New York. This was an innovation, and of course, Consolidated Edison considered her a terrible, terrible problem, a menace. But she managed this notwithstanding, and she testified against the smoke the general lax administration of the smoke from all the industrial and private chimneys in New York. If she had lived I'm sure the whole place would be clear and the clearing bills of the citizens of New York would have been reduced enormously.


Mrs. Lasker, when she pursued an idea like that in a city like New York, how did she go about it?


Well, she joined the organization that was called the Outdoor Cleanliness Association and she interested the women in it, and she complained and testified in court about the smoke offenders.

I was very influenced, I find, by her, and much closer to her than to my father all my life. She adored gardening and flowers. She really liked anything beautiful and interesting visually, without having had any education in the field of art at all.


How did she happen to meet your father at the World's Fair?


Well, she met him through a cousin, Mrs. Fellows. And

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