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comprehensive clinical testing program in cancer research. Not only must one find compounds that will be active in animals but one must test them properly on human tumors in human being.

As a result of this activity, when I was on the National Cancer Council, Dr. Sidney Farber and I got the National Chemotherapy Service Center started, and this was a center which supported the development of many new drugs and the clinical testing of them, and which has in itself, as a subdivision of the work of the National Cancer Institute, about 35 million dollars.


Where is it located?


In the Bethesda area.

I originally became interested in cancer research program at Memorial about 1943, as I've said. I had been interested in cancer research before that but before I was married to Albert I had no time nor money with which to do anything. In '43, however, I read that Dr. Charles Huggins of the University of Chicago had found that estrogen had an effect on cancer of the prostate and that it prolonged life in about 20 percent of the prostate cancer victims for about five years. This was, it seemed to me, a very important observation. I wrote to Dr. Huggins and asked him if he had sufficient money to pursue this lead. He wrote back and said he had about $10,000 but he said, “I could use effectively another $10,000.” He continued, “I realize this is a very large sum of money but, after all, the problem is of a certain urgency.” This was the understatement of the year, I thought,

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