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July 3, 1963 - Interview No. 21 - New York City


Mrs. Lasker, I believe, as you begin today, you want to add a footnote on that section on Planned Parenthood, something that you've come across just recently.


Yes, I find in my notes that on July 15, 1942, Albert and I gave a dinner before the opening of Golden's picture, The Pride of the Yankees. Audrey Bouvier was with me, and she asked the King of Greece to come, who was in New York at the time. We also had the Sarnoffs, Wendell Willkie, Anya Dorfmann and the Ogden Reids. The King is a charming man in a very well-bred, quick, responsive way. He went somewhere else after dinner, but Wendell Willkie and I drove up to the theater for the opening, and crowds of people were there and recognized him, which he likes, naturally. He really loathed the move,


wasn't with him.



After the movie we went to 21, and in evening clothes I left for Washington that night, to try to break down Miss Lenroot on Planned Parenthood programs, to try to interest her in planned parenthood programs for the Childrens Bureau.

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