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the Governor's Mansion, and I talked with Toynbee. He's an handsome ageing man, who has great breadth of vision and understanding. Averell and Marie were pleasant and cordial. Averell was reticent and rather tense. I have the feeling that he's enormously ambitious and anxious to be friendly with me. He's sympathetic to more funds for research and training in mental illness but not at all interested in heart and cancer although these two are the main causes of death of the citizens of the state.


And what his reason for not being interested? Was it similar to Rockefeller's?


Because cancer and heart were not charges on the state budget. He didn't figure that people who died couldn't pay state taxes, but the state mental health hospitals are a charge on the state budget directly.


But beyond that these subjects are of concern to the various foundations, too, as you indicated with Rockefeller.


Yes, but he didn't think about that. He just wasn't interested, plain not interested.

Jane and I attended the final formal meeting of the Conference the next day at which Harriman expressed his sympathy to additional funds for training and research in

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