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Now, I've always felt if the President of the United States would warmly espouse a crusading attitude toward getting more done in research in the major causes of death and disability, that this would give heart to the research workers in the field, and that a tremendous new impetus would come into the area if he showed some real interest.

Well, I've decided that I had certainly failed in '61, so in July of '62 I asked for another appointment with the President, under the guise of talking to him about several other things--I did talk to him about the importance of holding a stroke conference as he knew from personal experience by this time, due to the illness his father had recently suffered, that very little was known about what to do about strokes or how to prevent them, and I thought I could interest him at least in this limited field.

He was, indeed, interested, and he said, “What shall we do? How will we get this underway?” and I said, “Well, let's talk to Mike Feldman and assign him to it.”


Did he say anything about the previous conference?


No, no, he forgot about it. He didn't even realize that anything had been attempted.

He said, “Let's get him.” So, he said to Kenny O'Donnell, “Get Mike Feldman here.” Of course, Mike Feldman had gone to Philadelphia. This was a disaster because if at this particular

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