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also lukewarm, but they persisted and said they were going to do it. However, he had to notify Celebrezze that they were going to do it, and Celebrezze sent him back the letter saying he was opposed to it. Now, this bothered Feldman because he didn't want to call a conference that Celebrezze had expressed opposition to in writing, and yet he didn't have time to find out why Celebrezze was opposed to it, so it just sort of stayed there.

This year I asked Celebrezze to talk at our Lasker Awards Luncheon, which he did, and I talked to him about it then and once before, and while he didn't say what his opposition was, he still didn't say that he was in favor of doing it. However, this last May I went again to see Feldman. Feldman again said to me, “Listen, we're going to do it now and I'm going to get at it right away.” And then the President went on his trip to Germany, England, Ireland and Italy, and I thought that Feldman would stay at home peacefully and at least write the executive order for this panel, and I was prepared to go to see him with recommendations. Not at all. The minute the President went away, Mike Feldman went on vacation! So, now, I still have to entrap him into doing this.


Do you think there are good possibilities?


I don't know. I've been at it so long that I don't know what the possibilities are. I'm still working, because

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