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we were going to get and what would be done with the money.

It was started around 1958. In the last two years we reached the goal we initially set, and that was $1 per person, or eight million dollars a year. The Health Research Council is already supporting about 120 career investigators and has supported a great number of research projects in the hospitals of the City, and was one of the means whereby the new measles vaccine first was tested successfully. So, it certainly is part of the effort to stamp out measles, a disease that was very widespread and extremely troublesome and has sometimes serious side effects although not a major cause of death.


Is this Council underwritten by the City?


By the City budget, yes, a part of the City budget, and as far as I know it's the only health research fund in the world that comes from any city's budget, and it really was done by Anna Rosenberg, who had influence with the Mayor of an exceptional kind, and based on my idea. I had some influence but I doubt it would have gotten done. Really, Mrs. Hoffman made it happen; she liked my idea and she made it happen, and Leona Baumgartner really got the mechanics of it set up. And I am on the Council, and it is not run just to support as many projects in the field of arteriosclerosis and cancer as I would like to see it support, but I still hope that it will do some very strategic things, and I'm pleased that I did it.

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