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not being done anywhere else. And it's greatly to Wagner's credit, because it's very far-sighted to have started it.


In that sense it's a little like the research work at the Veterans Administration, isn't it? It's localized, centralized.


Yes, yes.

Well, I think next time I should take up the whole subject of our efforts to increase health insurance in the United States, and that's quite a subject, and I don't think it's a good idea to start it in the middle.

You asked me to talk a little about my civic interests, and I could wrap that up fairly quickly, at least my civic interests in connection with the performing arts in New York City at least. And this could be a separate subject and could be put in wherever it seems suitable.

About four years ago, I was asked by Mrs. John Barry Ryan to help the Council of the Metropolitan Opera. I recall that many years ago when I was at Radcliffe I had come to New York and seen a marvelous production of La Roi de Lahore that had been given by her father, Otto Kahn. The sets had been done by a man called Boris Anisfeld, and they were extraordinarily beautiful. And I also saw another production of an opera calledSnegrouska; I've never heard of the opera since, but it was superbly produced.


Who was the composer?

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