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So, I suggested to Mr. Bing that I would like to support the production of Traviata with Cecil Beaton. He said that a production of Traviata was too recent and they didn't need a new production of Traviata, but they wanted to do Otello and would I support the Behrman production of Otello. I had never heard the opera, although I knew it was the greatest opera of Verdi or thought to be one of the greatest operas. And I was loath to do this as I had a particular vision of what Traviata might look like; however, between Mr. Bing and Mr. Bliss, who is the President of the Metropolitan Opera Company or Association, they finally wangled it. So, they said if I would give over a period of three years $75,000 toward the production of both operas, eventually they would do Traviata with Beaton.

Now, they have done Otello, the production by Behrman, and it is beautiful, but not as beautiful as the Don Giovanni. You should see it; it's beautiful. I will give you tickets, if you will go. They have not yet decided when they're going to do Traviata, although they might open the new opera house with it; they said vaguely that it's possible they would do it. I'm longing to see a really good and well-sung production of Traviata.


You have also had a part in the new sets for Die Meistersinger didn't you?

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