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weren't they?


They had no big money. They did that, but that was done in the '50s.

Bevin felt that the health insurance plan was working extremely well and that there were only minor adjustments that needed to be made. I thought that they needed to train more doctors and expand their facilities and spend more money on medical research, but he paid no attention to me whatever.

We then went to see Dr. Hill, the Secretary of the British Medical Association. He, too, was largely in favor of the British health plan. He thought that on the whole it was working well and needed only minor administrative changes. Actually, the only thing at the time that was happening was that the time of the doctors was distributed more evenly and widely over the general population, and lack of money didn't keep people from having some attention, but the same number of doctors just distributed over the whole population didn't give the population adequate medical care; they needed more doctors and they still need more doctors and need better facilities. But that fact was just disregarded, was not a part of their total concept.


It was the principle of the thing...


Just the principle that everybody would get a little

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