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campaign of advertising or publicity to in an energetic way answer them. And what's more, he would never have spent the couple of million of dollars that it would have taken to do as much as the AMA did, and he could have never summoned that many workers, because the AMA had fanatics on their side! doctors and their wives who felt that their incomes would be lessened or who felt that this was a danger to their economic situations.


It certainly is an issue that raises passions.


It certainly is, isn't it? It seems ludicrous but it is.

So this worried me very much. I could see little future for any legislation in this area consequently in the health insurance area unless some new group of intelligent, high-minded citizens could be put to work on the problem. It occurred to me that perhaps one way to get at it was through a Health Commission, a Presidential Health Commission, which had never been appointed ever by any President in the history of mankind, but I thought that such a health commission might give advice to the President and the head of the Civil Defense Administration on health problems and at the same time it would take up the problems of the overall picture of health conditions throughout the country.

I determined to go to see Truman about this when I

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