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The list of commissioners who were finally decided upon between Magnuson and Stone, with many vetoes and other suggestions by me without Magnuson's knowledge, turned out as follows: Magnuson, Chairman; Chester Barnard, who was the Chairman of the National Science Foundation; Dr. Lester Burkett, the Dean of Dentistry at the University of Pennsylvania; Dean Donald M. Clark, Boston University School of Medicine; Everett Graham, Professor-emeritus of Surgery at Washington University; Albert Hays, the President of the International Machinists Union; Joseph Hinsey, Dean of the University of Cornell; Charles Johnson, President of Fisk University; Russell Lee, Director of the Palo Alto Clinic; Elizabeth McGee, the General Secretary of the Consumers League; Clarence Coe, the President and Editor of the Progressive Farmer; Lowell Reed, the Vice President of Hopkins University; Walter Reuther, the President of the United Automobile Workers; Marion Sheehan, National Committee for the Improvement of Nursing Services; and Ernest Slomun, Dean of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Dentistry of San Francisco.

Stone really checked all the names with me and was most cooperative. The names that I insisted on were Walter Reuther and Dean Clark and Miss Miss McGee. Although I did not know her I knew from a friend that she was in favor of national health insurance in general and that she would take a liberal attitude toward other aspects of any health program.

Between then and the middle of December the Administration had many problems. It wasn't until December 10th that the

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