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Crossing the Delaware.” These pictures are in high disfavor at the moment but those were the popular pictures when I was 12.

And then when I was in college I majored in the history of fine arts at Radcliffe and graduated as a major in the history of fine arts and I wanted to get a job in connection with art when I came to live in New York after I got out of college, and I worked for the Reinhardt Gallories and later married Mr. Reinhardt. He and I made a small collection of contemporary French pictures, paintings by Picasso, , Matisse, Modigliani, Sutien, Laurencin, and maybe a couple of others. But when the Depression came in 1930 I actually sold these pictures because we were hard up and the pictures had already gone up somewhat in value and I sold them at profit. I still regret selling some of them. I remember especially the beautiful Pasquin that I still regret selling and wish I had right this minute.

Well, after I was divorced from Paul Reinhardt I was working in another area, as I think I've told you, and I didn't have any time or money to take any interest in the collecting of pictures. When I married Albert Lasker and had this house, I realized that I could use some pictures, but he had never been interested in paintings at all. He'd been willing to spend money in every possible way, including on marvelous flowers and superb gardens, but nobody had ever interested him in paintings at all. And I thought, “Well, he's marvelous the way he is. I'm madly in love with him, and I'm not going to try to reform him

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