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His meaning was that it was sure to be the kiss of death.

Then Truman went on to say, “To be President you have to have the heart of a rhinoceros and Eisenhower really isn't tough enough.” Later, Truman said about Eisenhower to us one night, after Eisenhower was President. “To get anybody to do anything if you're President of the United States you'd think it would be very easy, but actually you have to kiss people on both cheeks to get them to do anything, and Ike doesn't like that; he wants to be kissed.” Isn't that wonderful. He doesn't want to kiss people on both cheeks. He wants to be kissed.

Well, I remember that Stevenson seemed very serious that night. He slept in the Lincoln Room, as I remember. It's a rather overawing sight. That huge bed is rather astonishing. I think it's the only room in the White House that seems to have a mood in it. Don't you think so?


A mood of the past.


Yes. Stevenson was quite serious and detached but agreeable.


Were you impressed with his intellectual qualities by that time?


No, not terribly, really not.

Well, time passed, and I supported candidates in every

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