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was the night on which Humphrey was putting forward his claims to the Vice Presidential nomination. I'm sure he did want to be named Vice President at that time.


He wasn't openly seeking it.


He wasn't openly seeking it, but I think that he felt that since he had been a major liberal supporter of Stevenson he had some claim to the job.

On August 1st Stevenson was in New York, and I remember that on the 1st of 2nd he told me, on the way to the country with him to see Mrs. Roosevelt's at her place at Hyde Park, that he had made peace with Kefauver, who also wanted the Vice Presidential nomination.


If not the presidency.


If not the Presidency, he wanted to be Vice President. Now, they had been on very bad terms because they had been campaigning against each other for about eight months, and finally they made up and started to speak to each other at this time. However, Stevenson did not, as you know, promise him the Vice Presidential nomination.

Stevenson went to visit Mrs. Roosevelt at Hyde Park alone this particular day, and I think she was very anxious to have him come out more strongly for civil rights, make a strong civil rights statement, which he did after this visit.

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