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Mansfield, Tom Finletter--he was trying to get the nomination from New York--Albert Gore of Tennessee, Muskie of Maine, Pastore of Rhode Island, Yarborough of Texas, Dodd of Connecticut, McGee of Wyoming, Cannon of Nevada, Proxmire of Wisconsin, and Harrison Williams, and William Benton.


You did this through the state committees?


Through their own committees, and naturally with my own personal funds.

And in Congressional campaigns I supported John Rooney, Shirley Fogarty, George McGovern, Denton of Indiana, Sydney Yates, B of Indiana, Don Magnusson, Gordon Canfield of New Jersey and James Delaney of New York--the latter two had been helpful to us--Edna Kelly. And for governor, I supported Pat Brown, Harriman, Wilson Wyatt.


How did you determine whom you would support and in what amounts? Was it through Mike Gorman?


Oh, no. In the case of Harriman I was interested in him because he was the Democratic Governor of New York, and I was interested in getting mental health research money and better hospital conditions. I determined it all on my own. California was a major state and I wanted California to do better in the field of mental illness, and I must say I have had a hard time with Pat Brown on it, but that's another story.

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