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curious. He especially loves his son John Feel, and I think he's very fond of his son Adlai and his son's wife and of their four children.

But this doesn't prevent him from having been a great standard bearer of liberal thought and political ideas for the Democratic Party and that is for at least half of the United States for eight years, when without him liberal ideas and Democratic ideas would have been badly expressed or not expressed at all in any way that would have satisfied a large mass of the population, so one has to be very grateful to him because he's put an enormous amount of his life's blood and energy into public service, which has been very constructive I think.


Is he a man who reads a great deal?


No, he doesn't. He doesn't have time to read.


How does he ideas?


Well, he gets his ideas from discussion. Everybody comes to see him; he knows everybody, and he gets ideas from people talking to him. And he gets them by osmosis. He gets them from Barbara Ward, Arthur Schlesinger, who both spend a lot of time writing speeches for him, and from everybody that he meets. He doesn't even read the paper very carefully very often because he

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