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He did that with the Bartletts for a while.


Yes, and he sometimes came to Joe Alsop's. All of this casualness began to stop later on. This night he came without a hat and, as far as I know, without a coat, on this cold night in January.

The next day the Wrightsmans and I went with Florence to lunch at the Johnny Walkers'--he's the director of the National Gallery--and as we came out of their house it began to snow, great fat flakes of snow began to drop, and we proceeded to go to the Phillips Gallery to look at their paintings, and we didn't have any premonition of the horror that was in store for us. The snow continued, and later in the afternoon I went to have my hair done at Elizabeth Arden's, as we were going to a dinner and to a big entertainment in the Armory. Well, as I was having my hair done, the snow continued. And just a little snow upsets Washington but this was maybe eight inches of snow and it absolutely staggered Washington. I couldn't find my car; it didn't return. I went to the Mayflower, found George Killian, and we were an hour and 40 minutes getting from the Mayflower to Florence's house in Georgetown. We were unable to go to the parties arranged by Mrs. Philip Graham and Arthur Krimm, and we were absolutely bewildered over what to do about the evening. Everyone who had made plans found himself in complete chaos.

We sat there and ate a little supper. I got dressed. We got into the car at about 8:30 or 9 o'clock to try to go to the Armory. The crowds and the snow were so terrible that after we got a little beyond the National Gallery we realized that we

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