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We went home, past the parade and the box where the President and his party were sitting. He was still there, as I recall it, until about 6 o'clock in the evening. I guess he must have gone home and then come back to see what was going on. At any rate, after that I went home and dressed to go to the ball at the Armory. I arrived there with Boisfeuillet Jones. I had arranged with Ribicoff to have him given the job of adviser to the Surgeon-General on medical research. Ribicoff had asked my advice about appointments and I had suggested to him that Jones would make an excellent adviser to the Surgeon-General. He got this appointment. He's been an outstanding man in the Public Health Service and is one of the most outstanding and intelligent figures there are currently working in the Public Health Service. We got to know him because of? his committee, which had been appointed by Hill, to advise the appropriations committee when we got in trouble with Saltonstall a few years before, you may remember.

The Armory was a huge room which had been decorated with some pale bunting to make it look a little more festive. The boxes for which people had been charged a thousand dollars were sections on the floor marked off by bunting, with a couple of chairs and a small table in the center, and totally without any service. There was nobody to take any orders for drinks; it was really a mess.

Some how or another Bo Jones and I decided that we would go up in the balcony to be near the President's box. There was an area in the balcony that was marked off for the President and

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