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which we did over the last 10 years had we not had a corps of people that changed a little bit from time to time but that we briefed and could depend on.


This was very smart strategy.


Well, this is what makes the whole thing. This is how we got the money, in addition to the lobbying we did after the hearings. The witnesses alone wouldn't have accomplished it, but we had to have the record, a record that made sense.

Our greatest allies in medical research were Senator Hill--I don't know whether I told why he was interested in medical research, but I think I did--Congressman John Fogarty of Rhode Island, who became interested as he heard more and more testimony and was interested because we finally sold him on the idea that it was of major, crucial importance to the industry of the United States. As I think I've told you, he refused to run for the Senate, for a sure seat to succeed Senator Green, and let Senator Pell run for it, because he didn't want to give up his chairmanship of the subcommittee.


His interests have become larger than his whole political future.


Well, I think really yes, and also I think he finally realized that he would have the power of life and death not only over the people of the United States, through developments in

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